The USRRC Seniors Tour Series of vintage feature races has been run annually since 1992 as a salute to the original SCCA pro road racing series of 1963 thru 1968.

The original USRRC series was organized from ideas generated by Tracy Bird of the SCCA and Jim Hall of Chaparral Cars. Jim Hall became the driver's champion in 1964. The first drivers champion was Bob Holbert. George Follmer was drivers champion in 1965. In 1966 Chuck Parsons was drivers champion and in 1968 Mark Donohue was drivers champion. Prize money was paid in both under and over 2 liter classes. Overall drivers championship points could be earned from both classes.

There was also a manufacturers championship for GT cars in 1963 with Cobra the champion. In 1964 Production Sports Cars were added to the GT cars and Cobra won again and repeated in 1965. Corvettes, Porsches, Ferraris were contenders and many other makes competed.


  USRRC Seniors Tour
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